Product Maker Information On OEM Technical Information Matrix

There are an increasing number of materials being used in vehicles to help make them safer and create a quieter passenger compartment. Foam fillers, seam sealers, and adhesives often help accomplish this. It is impossible to see the location of all of these materials simply by looking at the outside of the vehicle. Not to mention, when you look at a product maker's catalog, there are many different options for replacement materials. So the question is: where do I find this information to repair the vehicle properly?

I-CAR has addressed the first step with the third column in the OEM Technical Information Matrix: the Foams, Sealers, and Adhesive Locations and Product Requirements column. This column indicates whether the OEM has information on the location and type of material that should be used during repairs, which may also include specific products and part numbers.

Continue to check back as this information will be updated and expanded in the near future.

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