Audi Position Statement: Unibody Alignment and Repair

When it comes to mounting a vehicle on a frame rack it is often asked, which one do I need and where can I attach the clamps? Let’s see what Audi has to say.

All Audi vehicles are built using body jigs to make sure structural body alignment and body panel fit is within specifications. Per the Unibody Alignment and Repair positon statement: “Collision Repairs for correction of body alignment, or structural body panel replacement should be conducted on Audi of America approved equipment.” A note further in the statemen goes on to state, “Audi vehicles should never be affixed to a body alignment machine for structural body alignment by pinch weld clamps or chains as a primary means of mounting/holding the body to alignment machine.”

Knowing what the OEM allows and doesn’t allow helps to ensure a safe and quality repair. For additional information and links to Audi, check out the Audi OEM Page .