New Calibration Requirement From General Motors

There is new information available when it comes to windshield replacement on General Motors (GM) vehicles. In the past, forward facing camera calibration was not required when replacing the windshield. Let’s take a look at the new requirement from GM.

GM has changed the calibration requirement of the forward-facing camera, which GM refers to as the "frontview camera module". The new requirement for the entire GM vehicle line is to calibrate the forward facing camera. Per our contact at GM, the forward facing camera must be calibrated when:

  • the windshield is replaced or R&I
  • the camera bracket is replaced or R&I
  • the FCM is replaced
  • directed to by a service bulletin

This new requirement can be found in the vehicle-specific Control Module References under: Front View Camera Module Programming and Setup. The OEM Calibration Requirements Search and the OEM Glass Replacement matrix have been updated to reflect this change.

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