Ford On Target 2017: Volume 1 - Outer B-Pillar Removal

Ford has released the first installment of their On Target publication for 2017. Features of this issue include how Ford has made the 2017 Super Duty an all-aluminum body over a steel frame, following suit of the F-150. The article describes many of the specs and features of the new model. Ford also has shared an outline for removing the B-Pillar Outer Panel. Let’s take a look at this procedure.

Ford has published the removal procedure for the outer B-pillar on the 2017 Super Duty. However, the article in Ford On Target 2017: Volume 1 states to look for the next issue of On Target to obtain the installation procedure. It goes on to state to access the Ford Workshop Manual, which is found on, for more in-depth repair information. Ford lists the tools, equipment, and materials required to perform the outer B-pillar replacement. There are also a few warnings listed on the procedure provided, for example: “Warning: Body-side sectioning is prohibited within 50mm of door hinge, door striker and restraints anchoring points”. At the end of the article, Ford provides contact information for additional repair questions.

This issue of On Target also has exploded parts views of different areas of the 2017 Super Duty. These images show what parts are available along with the part number. There are views of the front apron, rear floor pan, inner side panels, and some bolt-on parts. You can find many of the instruction sheets for replacing these parts in the Ford Super Duty Instruction Sheets.

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