I-CAR's Repairability Technical Support Portal Fields 10,000th Inquiry

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill., March 13, 2017 –I-CAR launched the Repairability Technical Support™ (RTS) Portal in July 2014 to enhance the overall repair process for the collision repair inter-industry. The online portal puts the most up-to-date collision repair technical information at the fingertips of front-line technicians, shop owners, estimators, insurance specialists and field educators in one, easy-to-navigate hub.

The results have been impressive. A recent survey by Collision Advice and CRASH Network showed that RTS is already the number two source for technical repair information in the industry, behind only ALLDATA. A popular feature of RTS is “Ask I-CAR” where trained collision repair professionals, who have an RTS account, can submit technical repair related questions via a web form or phone call to I-CAR’s team of experts. I-CAR strives to answer every question within two hours, but usually can provide the answer before that. They pledge to fulfill even the trickiest request within 24 hours. On February 20, I-CAR fielded its 10,000th “Ask I-CAR” request.

Jason Bartanen, I-CAR Director, Industry Technical Relations, says Ask I-CAR is not just a great service for technicians, but for I-CAR as well. “We pride ourselves on answering each technical question as quickly and as thoroughly as possible because we understand how important having the right information when you need it is for everyone in our industry,” he said. “The questions also provide us with valuable real-time insight into issues the technicians in the field are encountering every day. It’s a complete win-win. The technicians, or insurance personnel, get the information they need when they need it and we are able to add features to RTS that we know are meeting needs they have every day. We also use the insights we gain as input to our ongoing work with OEMs; through our OEM Linking Pin initiatives, we are continually working with OEMs to enhance their repair information and procedures.” A recent addition to RTS is the OEM Calibrations Requirements Search, which was driven, in part, by an increase in questions to Ask I-CAR about where to find vehicle specific information on when to calibrate sensors, radars and cameras for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

I-CAR also features top ten lists of vehicle specific questions and I-CAR specific questions for handy access. The topic of the 10,000th Ask I-CAR question was a request for information about a 2010 Toyota Prius quarter panel replacement. The answer was delivered in less than one minute, helping the shop complete a timely, complete, safe and quality repair. RTS is a comprehensive information hub designed to respond to the needs of today’s industry professions and includes reference tools for airbag and partial part replacements, OEM repair information and procedures, developed and vetted best practice instructions, how-to videos, daily collision repair news and real-time Ask I-CAR support.

Anyone can subscribe to RTS with a daily pass or an annual individual subscription. An option is also available for collision repair facilities to get access annually for everyone in shop. Any facility that has current I-CAR Gold Class™ recognition and any technician who has I-CAR Platinum™ status, or who has trained four or more times in the last 12 months receives RTS subscription access at no cost as a benefit of their training. Access I-CAR’s Repairability Technical Support portal at rts.i-car.com.