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OEM Linking Pin: Honda Spot Welder Settings

When spot welding on a Honda vehicle, what settings should be used if the body repair manual doesn’t specify? We were recently asked this question so we escalated it up to Honda. Let’s see what they had to say.

Per our contacts at Honda, the only time Honda lists specific settings is when 1,500 MPa steel is being welded. When welding other steels that are not 1,500 MPa, the AUTO setting on the spot welder should be used. Honda also states that you should perform practice welds and destructive tests to make sure that the welder is performing properly. Reference the “Body Repair Basics” in the vehicle-specific body repair manuals to find information on weld inspection and destructive testing. This information was recently added to body repair manuals starting with the 2016 Honda Pilot.

For spot welders not equipped with an AUTO setting, use the information for how many layers are being welded. This is found in the repair procedure and is indicated with a symbol next to each weld location. The thickness of each steel layer can be found under the General Information – Body Construction in the body repair manual.

For additional links to Honda, check out the Honda OEM Page.

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