Honda/Acura To Send Out Takata Recall Posters

The Takata airbag recall affects more than 25 automotive brands. In an effort to get these safety recalls completed, Honda/Acura is getting the word out on which vehicles have open recalls. Honda/Acura will be sending out posters, to be hung in repair facilities, that help make consumers aware that the recall exists and what Honda/Acura vehicles are affected. How can you help get these recalls completed? Let’s take a look.

The first step is making customers aware that there is a recall issued for their vehicle. Honda/Acura is releasing posters with the relevant recall information. Per the Honda/Acura press release: “In the coming days, independent mechanical repair shops, collision repair shops, and auto parts sales personnel will start receiving the September issues of the following magazines: Brake & Front End, Import Car, Underhood Service, Tire Review, BodyShop Business, and Counterman. Inside each issue will be a fold-out poster showing all affected Honda and Acura vehicles along with a phone number and websites (see below) where vehicle VINs can be checked for their recall status.

As with the original poster, shops and stores are encouraged to post the information where technicians, collision estimators, service managers, service writers, parts sales personnel, and customers can see them. When any of the affected models are encountered, shops are encouraged to check the vehicle’s VIN to see if the recall has been performed and if not, strongly encourage our mutual customer, the Honda or Acura owner, to immediately arrange a FREE repair at their local dealer.”

While the vehicle is in the repair facility, you can look up if there is an open recall by visiting Honda Recalls, Acura Recalls, or by calling (888) 234-2138. Also, you can provide more information by visiting Honda Airbag Info.

As an industry, we can help make this recall known so that these safety recalls can be completed.

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