Pulse Transfer Mode Needed For Aluminum Welding?

(Figure 1) When welding thin aluminum, the pulse transfer mode will help prevent burn-through.

Did you know that the OEM collision repair procedures for aluminum intensive vehicles that include arc welding require GMA welders capable of welding in the pulse transfer mode? It's true. For this reason, the same pulse welders required by some vehicle makers are also required for the I-CAR welding events.

Why is this required? Welding aluminum in the pulse transfer mode helps weld thin gauge aluminum without burn-through (see Figure 1). Pulse transfer mode also helps weld heavier-gauge aluminum by improving root-fusion, minimizing porosity, and contributes to making a strong weld joint. Almost all GMA welders have the ability to weld aluminum, however be sure that the welder has a pulse transfer setting, and is not just a short circuit transfer machine.

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