Selecting The Correct Welding Equipment: Multiple Torches

When it comes to selecting your next piece of welding equipment, there are many different choices. Let’s take a look at how you can choose wisely for your repair facility.

An additional option to consider is a welder that has multiple welding torches in one machine. Some welders of this type will have three torches with three different spools and two different shielding gas cylinders. While other machines will have two torches, with two different spools and one shielding gas cylinder.

MIG brazing and aluminum welding both use 100% argon, while steel welding uses a blend of argon and CO2. So next, you have to think of how you would want to setup the different torches. You could combine the different types of welding materials all into one machine. Or have the same welding material but different alloys and/or wire sizes. Really the possibilities are endless, you just have to decide how it will be used based on the vehicles that you commonly repair.

After taking these considerations into account, the next step in the process is to talk to the supplier of the welder. Asking these questions will help ensure that you find the right tool for the right job on a multiple torch welder.

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