Aluminum Welding Technique Quick Tip

Push, pull, or both, which is the direction to go? Many are familiar with the pull and push techniques associated with steel welding. As we have learned from past experience, with welding, technique is key. Let’s take a look at what technique you should be using for aluminum welding.

When welding aluminum using the push technique is the way to go. This technique directs the shielding gas to the front of the weld puddle, which is turn provides an arc cleaning action. This action helps to remove the aluminum oxide from the surface thus aiding in creating a better weld.

So what would happen if you try to use the pull technique? Increased porosity in the weld, which will create a poor weld. This is due to not having enough shielding gas and cleaning action. Yet another side affect of this method, it may overheat the weld area, thereby causing excessive penetration, which will also create a weak weld.

In short, the push technique is your friend when it comes to making a quality aluminum weld!

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