OEM Linking Pin: Nissan 370Z Roof Panel Replacement

(Figure 1) A laser welded roof skin.

The roof panel on the 2013 Nissan 370Z is laser-welded along the roof-to-side panel mating flange from the factory. Through a routine technical inquiry from a collision repair facility, the I-CAR Repairability Technical Support team was asked if a Nissan procedure existed for replacing the roof panel.

Although several welded panel replacement procedures were shown in the manual, it was determined that there was no roof replacement procedure included in the Nissan BRM (Body Repair Manual) for that vehicle. Through our OEM Linking Pin process, we contacted Nissan and were told that the omission of the roof panel replacement instructions was an oversight that will be corrected soon. The procedure specifies using GMA plug welds along the flange that is laser-welded from the factory. Plug welds are also specified to replace the OEM spot welds along the header flanges at the windshield and backglass openings on the vehicle.

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