Paint Friendly Service Parts Coming From GM: UPDATE

As a follow-up to the previous article on Paint Friendly Service Parts Coming From GM, General Motors has already begun supplying the part kits for some of their paint-to-match assemblies. The parts initially include door mirrors, headlamps, and door handles for some vehicles in 2015. For the 2016 model year, they will become available for most models, and for more than just these parts.

GM decided to start offering these kits due to the growing complexity of some assemblies. The portions of the assembly that must be refinished are often recessed or obscured by trim and hardware, making proper masking for refinishing a difficult job at best. By offering the assemblies as kits, refinishing of the separate parts can be done easily, similar to the way it is done at the factory. The parts are not fully disassembled, just enough to allow full access to the paint-to-match portions. These portions come pre-primed. Instruction sheets for proper assembly after refinishing are included where necessary.

The availability of these parts is little known, though you may have already received them. The kits do not have to be specially ordered. If the part is available as a kit, that’s the way it’s supplied.

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