Genesis Position Statement: High-Voltage Battery Inspection And Replacement After Structural Damage

Genesis released a position statement relating to high-voltage (HV) battery inspections this is only available through a paid subscription .

Per the Genesis High-Voltage Battery Inspection And Replacement After Structural Damage: "Genesis recommends an inspection of the battery to make sure it is safe for removal."

Genesis provides examples of damage to look for during the inspection process. This includes damage such as:

  • A dent in the battery tray that exceeds .5 mm in depth
  • Impact resulting in missing fasteners
  • Evidence from a thermal event
  • Coolant or electrolyte leakage

Genesis recommends an uninspected vehicle should be stored outdoors and away from flammable materials.

You can find instructions on how to access the position statement in the Genesis Releases Position Statements article.

Always utilize proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow OEM procedures when working on HV systems.

For additional Genesis information, check out the Genesis OEM Information page.

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