3M Offers SOP And Process Hands-On Training and Skill Development

The 3M Skills Development Center is a 15,000 sq ft facility where technicians can take a Body Repair Course or Paint Prep and Refinish Course. Both courses are majority hands-on of standard operating procedure (SOP) and process learning. These are NOT product classes.

3M has dedicated 10,000 sq. ft. to hands-on technical process training with most of the equipment being on wheels for easy customization for the class. The facility also has state of the art equipment including GMA welders for both steel and aluminum and top of the line squeeze type resistance spot welding (STRSW) equipment. The paint booth used is an extra-long paint booth designed to fit up to 16 refinish technicians at a time. The students at this facility have everything they need to complete their tasks at their own personal workstation.

The 3M Body Repair Training is a 3-day course designed for an experienced apprentice body technician who desires a solid understanding of quality repair. This training covers:

  • Body Repair Tools and Application Techniques
  • Panel Removal and Replacement
  • Corrosion Protection Techniques
  • Aluminum Substrate Repair
  • Dent Repair Methodology

The 3M Paint Pred and Refinish Training is a 3-day course designed for an experienced apprentice/entry level technician who desires a solid understanding of paint preparation and refinishing process. This training covers:

  • Feather, Prime, and Block
  • Primer Application
  • Surface Preparation Process
  • Masking
  • Undercoat and Texture Selection and Application
  • Color Selection, Tinting, and Application
  • Paint Booth Optimization
  • Spray Gun Set-Up
  • Spot Repair and Blending Techniques
  • Paint Finishing
  • Quality Control

To learn more about the 3M Skills Development Center go to: 3M Collision Repair Academy