I-CAR Hyundai Collision Repair And Electromechanical Repair Courses

I-CAR has developed courses that go into detail on electromechanical repair for Hyundai and a general collision repair overview as well.

The collision repair course goes into detail on Hyundai Motor Company history, current models, service information access, and repair considerations. Also included is information on:

  • Vehicle construction materials
  • Material repairability
  • Repair methods and techniques
  • Part sectioning
  • Corrosion protection

With the rise in complexity, this course provides information on how to locate specific Hyundai service information as well as information on sectioning requirements and limitations.

The electromechanical repair course goes in depth on mechanical, electrical, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) repair considerations. Exploring repair techniques for systems such as:

  • Brakes
  • Power steering
  • Heating and cooling
  • Internal combustion engine (ICE), hybrid, and BEV model safety features

This course examines Hyundai ADAS features and system calibration, analyzing repair considerations for supplemental restraint systems, and high-voltage (HV) battery shut-off procedures.

Understanding what the vehicle is equipped with and what the vehicle is made of is important when it comes to performing repairs. Always follow OEM procedures to ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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