Volkswagen Repair Manual: Driver Assistance System

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) have become a prominent part of the collision repair process. With this comes the need to efficiently locate what systems may be on a vehicle, and what calibration requirements to be aware of. To this end, Volkswagen has made some changes to their service information.

Volkswagen has simplified and streamlined their repair manuals for many models. Starting with 2019, they are including a manual specifically for ADAS. The Volkswagen Driver Assistance Systems manual provides detailed information on:

  • Component locations
  • System descriptions
  • Removal and installation procedures
  • Calibration requirements and procedures
  • Special tools and equipment
  • Safety precautions

Knowing where to find vehicle-specific ADAS information is essential to the repair process. Understanding ADAS, and specific procedures is important to ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

For additional Volkswagen information, check out the Volkswagen OEM Information page.

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