I-CAR Full-Frame And Unibody Measuring, Anchoring, And Pulling Courses

I-CAR has developed two video-based courses on measuring, anchoring, and pulling. This video-based learning experience engages you by showing two experienced technicians navigating a repair from initial walk around to pulling of damaged vehicles.

Do you need to add supplemental anchoring? As a student, you have the opportunity to participate and decide the direction of the repair. Collision repair procedures are available for replacing parts on most vehicles. However, when it comes to straightening the vehicle structure, this remains a task that requires competence, craftsmanship and creativity. There is no one way that will work on all damages. Many different techniques need to be combined to accomplish the same task with the variations in each damaged vehicle. It’s not a wrong answer but a different answer.

These courses feature the trials and tribulations faced when performing structural repairs on modern vehicles. Watch the pair of skilled technicians as they mentor and discuss:

  • Safety considerations
  • Identifying vehicle damage based on measurements
  • Anchoring and supplemental anchoring strategies
  • Actual pulling and Interpreting measurements along the repair cycle
  • Determining effective pulling strategies
  • Troubleshooting, tricks, and tips

The play-by-play action is accompanied by insightful commentary. These courses provide technicians of all skill levels usable information which they can apply directly to their structural role. Always refer to OEM repair information for body construction and repairability considerations. Safety must not be overlooked, including personal protection and equipment maintenance.

I-CAR Unibody Measuring, Anchoring, and Pulling Course

I-CAR Full-Frame Measuring, Anchoring, and Pulling Course

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