Weld-On Attachments For Structural Straightening

When the only option for removing structural damage is a weld-on attachment (not an outer uniside), what do you do?

First, let's clarify what we mean by weld-on attachments. We're talking about weld-on plates or studs. Weld-on studs may be attached to the part with a stud gun or a spot welder attachment, and weld-on plates are at attached using a GMA welder. Weld-on plates are typically used with clamps for making a pull, and some weld-on plates are designed to be used with a special adapter.

When either of these methods are used, the process of welding the attachments to the damaged area creates excessive heat. The excessive heat will weaken the steel, which will require replacement of the area where the attachment was welded. Replacement of the area will result in replacing the part at factory seams or sectioning the part if the vehicle maker has a procedure.

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