GM Repair Insights: Spring 2023

The spring edition of General Motors (GM) Repair Insights magazine is now available.

The Spring 2023 edition of GM Repair Insights magazine features the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado. The Colorado offers off-road trim levels including the Trail Boss, and ZR2 featuring a Desert Boss Special Edition.

The Colorado has an 11.3" infortainment display featuring up to 10 camera views. The system includes an underbody camera that provides forward and rear-facing perspectives. The Off-Road Performance Display features an altimeter, g-force and 3D pitch and roll output (only available on the ZR2, Z-71, and Trail Boss).

Features such as the underbody camera, suspension, and bumpers are unique to some trims and may require different repair considerations. Always refer to the service manual prior to a repair.

To view additional issues, and for other GM news and information, visit the GM Repair Insights website.

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