Repairer Driven News: 2023 Nissan ProPILOT ADAS Features

Repairer Driven News (RDN) released an article highlighting Nissan ProPILOT Assist on many 2023 models.

The article provides a list of Nissan/INFINITI vehicles that ProPILOT Assist is available on in 2023 and notes that this system is available in "three levels - Assist, Assist with Navilink, and Assist 2.0."

The article goes into detail about how the system works and what inputs (cameras and sensors) the system uses. The importance of proper repairs and calibrations is also highlighted in this article.

Visit Repairer Driven News for the full Nissan ProPILOT ADAS Features Available On 8 MY 2023 Vehicles, Drives Home Importance Of Following OEM Repair Procedures article.

You can also visit the Nissan Motor Corporation website for the Technology 1. Tension 0. article that inspired this Repairer Driven News article.

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