Society Of Collision Repair Specialists Creates Consumer Tip Video Series

Does my auto policy cover hail damage? Why do I need to have my front facing camera calibrated? These can be frequent questions a collision center may field from vehicle owners?

The average consumer is involved in an accident every 17.8 years. After an accident, a person does not start thinking about the claim or repair process that will follow. This can lead to a knowledge gap of the collision repair process. This knowledge gap can change the perception of all parties involved in the repair.

Society of Collison Repair Specialists (SCRS) has released a Consumer Tip video series. Mike Anderson and Danny Gredinberg offer informative explanations related to collision repair topics. This series is designed to help consumers understand the repair process and topics which they may not be familiar with.

Some topics that are covered include:

  • Consumer Tip: Windshield Replacement
    • Additional procedures or material required for replacement
  • Consumer Tip: What should I look for?
    • Documents consumer should receive after a completed repair
  • Consumer Tip: Wheel Alignments and Calibrations
    • Collision alignments and what it affects
  • Consumer Tip: What are safety Inspections?
    • Items that need to be checked after a collision

You can view The Consumer Tip series at SCRSCollision YouTube and select Consumer Tips from SCRS playlist.

By working together, we can narrow the knowledge gap between the repair participants and vehicle owner.