I-CAR Static ADAS Calibration 3-Day Hands-On Skills Development Course

I-CAR has developed a hands-on course that will improve the knowledge base of learners regarding static calibrations on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). During the course, the learner will also gain experience with multiple vehicles and different systems.

The course goes into detail about the following topics:

  • Importance of proper ADAS operation
  • Identifying ADAS parts and systems
  • Function of ADAS technology
  • Static calibrations

Within this course, you will learn about different sensors and cameras (inputs) used by many systems, and how those inputs work.

You will also learn the importance of documentation when repairing a vehicle with ADAS, as well as navigating service manuals to find system information.

This course goes in depth about:

  • Setting up a static calibration
  • Preparing the vehicle for calibration
  • Performing a static calibration
  • Diagnostics

There are several in-depth hands-on activities in this course that show you how perform a static calibration procedure of different sensors/cameras.

Understanding what the vehicle is equipped with and what the vehicle is made of is important when it comes to performing repairs. Always follow OEM procedures to ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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