What Happened to the I-CAR Advantage Articles?

What happened to the I-CAR Advantage articles? For a while, there’s been a feature on the Repairability Technical Support (RTS) website for the Advantage Online Articles Archive Request Form. This form allowed you to submit a request for articles and/or information that was in an old I-CAR Advantage article. Both the articles and the form have been discontinued.

As you may already be aware, with the launch of the RTS portal in 2014, many of the I-CAR Advantage Online articles were validated and published to the Collision Repair News page. Questions that you have today, can be submitted using the Ask I-CAR feature.

The RTS portal is a great resource to find information to speed up your repair planning with articles and quick guides to help navigate repair manuals. Never be afraid to ask a question. The RTS team continues to strive to aid repairers in addressing their daily challenges.

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