Mini Cooper - What's In A Name?

How familiar are you with the model line for Mini? They are all considered Mini Coopers, but there's a little bit more to it than that.

Typically the badging is the first place you look to help identify the model of the vehicle that you are looking at. Well, that's were it starts to get a little confusing because over half of the models are labeled by trim package. The trim package levels start at a Cooper, then Cooper S, then John Cooper Works. (There are other packages and options for each, but these are the main three.) The original Mini Cooper is now called the Mini Hardtop Cooper. Here's a breakdown of the models appearance-wise:

Model Top Doors People Badging
Coupe Hardtop 2 2


Roadster Convertible 2 2 Cooper
Convertible Convertible 2 4 Cooper
Paceman Hardtop 2 4 Paceman across liftgate
Hardtop Hardtop 2 or 4 5 Cooper
Countryman Hardtop 4 5 Paceman across liftgate

Hopefully that shines a little light on the not-so-Mini line. Keep in mind, if it's collision repair information that you are after, the VIN is still the best way to look up the vehicle at: