I-CAR Three-Dimensional Measuring System Setup and Operation Courses

Understanding how to correctly set up and operate three-dimensional measuring equipment is critical when taking measurements before and after repairs. The courses for three-dimensional measuring system setup and operation cover the following topics:

  • System setup and operation
  • System features
  • How to measure
  • Adapters and attachments
  • System and machine maintenance

Advantages of knowing how to use a three-dimensional measuring system include accuracy, reduced time to make the measurements, and the ability to repeat and verify specific measurements so they can be documented both before and after repairs are complete. Three-dimensional measuring is also ideal for damage analysis.

Three-dimensional measuring uses precise length, width, and height measurements. I-CAR courses on this type of measuring equipment are extremely helpful in learning how to set up this equipment. You will also learn how to perform measurements and in-depth details about the measuring equipment.

Understanding different measuring equipment and learning about the advanced settings and features can be difficult. The three-dimensional measuring system setup and operation courses can assist in making sure the most accurate measurements are taken during the repair process. Knowing how your measuring system works, and how to set it up, helps ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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