Considerations For Dynamic Calibration

Dynamic calibrations are becoming increasingly more common for calibrating advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). With dynamic calibrations comes a few considerations.

First of all, what is dynamic calibration? This is the process of driving the vehicle while connected to a scan tool. The sensors/cameras on the vehicle are then able to detect surroundings in order to electronically move themselves or possibly determine if it needs to be physically adjusted or leveled to see in the correct direction.

The sensor will then send a signal to the scan tool that it cannot see, and the scan tool then tells the technician to follow the on-screen instructions while the vehicle is being driven in order to adjust or calibrate the sensors/cameras. Some considerations for dynamic calibrations are:

  • Multiple technicians
    • It is not safe for a technician to drive and view a scan tool at the same time. Another technician should be in the vehicle to read off instructions and operate the scan tool.
  • Access to service information
    • The repair manual instructions may also be needed for specific vehicle and driving instructions, like speed requirements, fuel level requirements, and road conditions needed.
    • You may need to take a mobile hot spot along with you on the test drive if the diagnostic software requires an internet connection.
  • Time allowance
    • Not all calibrations take the same amount of time. In some cases, the same calibration on two of the same year, make, and model can vary in time. There are a lot of factors, like weather and road conditions, that play into dynamic calibrations. These factors can change the time it takes for the sensors/cameras to calibrate.
  • Other resources
    • It may be helpful to look at other resources, like training material, courses, or the owner’s manual in order to better understand the dynamic calibration process and the function of the sensors or cameras.

Always follow OEM procedures, especially when it comes to calibrating ADAS, to ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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