Locating OEM-Approved HV Tools: Tesla

When researching procedures for disabling a high-voltage (HV) vehicle, you may notice that many of the procedures require the use of specific tools. Some of them are OEM-specific tools or scan tools. Often identifying and locating where to purchase these specific tools can be difficult.

The RTS team is researching how to find these tools to make it easier for technicians performing these tasks. As we research the location of these special tools, we are compiling the information in a series of OEM-specific articles.

Tools and equipment needed are identified in vehicle-specific service manuals. Tesla HV tools can be found using the following steps:

  1. Go to service.tesla.com
  2. Select Model (top of webpage)
  3. Click Parts Manual (EPC)
  4. Click Catalogs (car icon on left side of page)
  5. Under Search Product, select Tesla Tooling
  6. Under Model, select Service Tooling
  7. From the menu, click 17-HV Battery or 44-High Voltage System

These categories of the tool catalog provide insulated tools, battery lifts, test probes, HV cable caps, and much more.

When disabling Tesla high-voltage systems, the use of an HV DVOM, test probes and current clamp is required. Any tools needed for disabling the high-voltage system are typically specified in the disable procedure.

Always follow OEM procedures when repairing HV vehicles. Make sure to check procedures for the required tools to help ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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