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Jeep Gladiator Door Gap

The Gladiator brought a new look to the world of Jeep vehicles in 2020, and with that, comes a new detail to keep an eye out for. In the body repair manual (BRM), FCA/Stellantis calls attention to an issue with the doors that technicians should check for during installation.

FCA/Stellantis notes: "When replacing any of the door versions it is possible that there will be a slight gap (3) between weatherstrip channel (2) and the inner door panel (1). This includes front and rear doors, full and half door service assemblies. This may be located at the front or rear of the door at the corners, where the weatherstrip channel transitions from horizontal to vertical."

The BRM has a procedure using seam sealer prior to installation to fill this gap.

This information and procedure can be found at If you haven’t already, you will need to purchase a subscription. Once you have access to the service site:

  1. Log in
  2. Click My Subscription (upper right-hand corner of webpage)
  3. Select Year, Model, and Engine (dropdown at top left-hand corner of webpage)
  4. Click Collision Info from the menu (left side of webpage)
  5. Click Collision Information
  6. Click Locations
  7. Click Structural Adhesive, Flexible Adhesives and Seam Sealer Locations
  8. Scroll down to Figure 8 – Door Weatherstrip Channel Gap

Finding this information quickly and efficiently will contribute to a complete, safe, and quality repair

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