Body Repair Manual Symbols: Honda/Acura

While looking at repair procedures in a body repair manual (BRM) you may notice that symbols are used to indicate specific operations or parts to be used during the repair process. Most BRMs provide a glossary or a chart that explains these symbols.

The RTS team is researching BRM symbols and compiling the information into a series of OEM-specific articles. This article series helps you identify and understand the symbols you see in BRMs and instructs you on how to locate symbol descriptions in the manual. Let’s take a look at Honda/Acura body repair manual symbols.

Honda/Acura BRMs have a heavy usage of symbols along with written instructions. Depending on the year of the vehicle, the symbol information will be accessed differently.

Once logged in to the service information site:

  1. Go to Service info
  2. Select Model and Year
  3. Select Body Repair (Collision) Info from the dropdown
  4. Click Search
  5. Choose Body Repair Manual from the results.

Newer vehicles have an electronic body repair manual. Symbol information is found by clicking on Symbols or Symbols Definition in the BRM.

Older vehicles have a PDF of the repair manual. In this case, the symbol information is typically provided on a page titled Reference.

It is important to note that the symbols used can vary slightly from vehicle-to-vehicle, and to always reference the symbols for the vehicle you are working on.

Information is provided on welding and brazing symbols. In addition, symbols used for body dimensional drawings and identifying areas for application of rust preventative sealant are also provided.

A few examples of symbols found in Honda/Acura BRMs are:

  • "X" = 2-layer spot welding
  • "X" in a circle = 3-layer spot welding
  • Black circle = GMA plug welding
  • Light and dark shaded circle = single-hole MIG brazing
  • Light and dark shaded oval = double-hole MIG brazing

Knowing where to locate symbol tables or charts in body repair manuals and properly deciphering them is essential to help ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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