How Do I Learn More About That?

We've added a new feature to the RTS Portal to help you get more of the information that you are searching for through I-CAR training courses.

We've started by adding this enhancement to the Ask I-CAR section of the website with plans to expand it to other areas. You will notice an area after the response that shows the I-CAR courses that are related to the Ask I-CAR inquiry. Each course is linked to the I-CAR course description page and easy access to locating a course near you. There are also links to applicable Product Sheets that give highlights of the course.

There are a lot of I-CAR courses to choose from and sometimes it's difficult to identify which one will be most beneficial to you. As you are searching through the Ask I-CAR past inquiries, pay attention to the courses that are suggested and if the same course keeps coming up, you may want to consider making it your next training event.

If you haven't been to an I-CAR course in awhile, you will be glad to know that we've also added the ability for you to access courses electronically. That's right, you don't have to keep track of that CD-ROM anymore. After completing a course, it becomes available in your myI-CAR account. Contact the I-CAR Customer Care team for more information.