I-CAR Electric Vehicle (EV) Damage Analysis Course

I-CAR is currently developing numerous electric vehicle (EV) courses. These courses detail different aspects of high-voltage (HV) vehicles and provide practical information on how to safely move, store, inspect, and repair EVs.

The Electric Vehicle (EV) Damage Analysis course provides an explanation of safety precautions when it comes to assessing and disabling a damaged high-voltage vehicle.

The course also goes into detail about repair or replacement considerations. You will also learn how to identify high-voltage vehicle components and how they function.

In addition, the course provides information on the following:

  • Inspection precautions
  • High-voltage shutdown methods
  • Workplace provisions for high-voltage vehicles
  • Pre- and post-repair scanning
  • Body and structure repair considerations related to HV systems
  • HV system parts repairability considerations
  • Special tools

These are just a few examples of what you will find in the Electric Vehicle (EV) Damage Analysis course.

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