I-CAR Understanding OEM Calibration Procedures And How To Locate Them Course

I-CAR has developed a course around the calibration of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and how to research the information on OEM service sites. The goal of this course is to build your knowledge of locating and carrying out calibration procedures.

The Understanding OEM Calibration Procedures And How To Locate Them course covers the following topics and more:

  • Researching and locating ADAS
  • ADAS categories
  • Electronic communication network
  • Calibration procedures and equipment

You will also learn why calibration is so important, as well as other key points like:

  • The difference between static and dynamic calibrations
  • The importance of a scan tool for calibration
  • Special equipment and targets needed

The course also goes into detail about vehicle and facility preconditions that must be met in order to successfully calibrate ADAS.

Another ADAS aspect you will learn about is how wheel alignment and steering angle sensor alignment can have an impact on the accuracy of calibration.

A few other items this course covers are:

  • Vehicle systems and how they are categorized
  • How ADAS communicates with the vehicle
  • How to start your research on ADAS

You will learn what sources to go to for ADAS and calibration, like OEM service sites, for example. The course will also go in depth about the following:

  • Linked procedures within the calibration procedure
  • Where you should look to find procedures on OEM sites

Knowing how to research and carry out ADAS calibration is essential to help ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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