Back-To-Basics: Tool Organization

Sometimes going back-to-basics can make the difference between a quality repair and a failed repair. Organization is a key factor in not only productivity, but in a successful repair process as well. There are many areas of organization to be aware of, but an important and easy one is tool organization.

All repair facilities should practice good organization when it comes to the shop layout and shared tools and equipment. Equally important is the technician's organization when it relates to personal tools.

The most important part of being organized is having a system in which the tools are kept. There is no one way to organize tools, but the system needs to be easy to follow and understand or it will not be done. If the tools are in one big pile, the technician may claim to know where every tool is. However, in reality they still will spend unnecessary time sifting through the tools to find a socket or other needed tool.

Many technicians have a tool cart versus having all their tools in one large toolbox. Typically carried on the cart are the most commonly used hand and power tools. This allows the technician to cut back on the time spent traveling back and forth from the vehicle and their primary toolbox.

A technician with a well-organized toolbox will spend far less time searching for the proper tool for the task at hand. Organization also promotes using the correct tool for the job.

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