Repairer Driven News: Ford F-150 - Proper Rivet Replacement And Rocker Panel Extrusion

Repairer Driven News (RDN) released an article specifically covering the repair of the aluminum bodied F-150. The article focuses on misconceptions, or bad information that is widespread throughout the industry regarding rivets, and the rocker panel reinforcement.

In the article, Gerry Bonanni, Ford Senior Engineer, emphasizes that the rocker panel reinforcement cannot be sectioned. He clarifies, "The extrusion is a 'very critical part' for the small-overlap rigid barrier crash test, it must be replaced as a single part." He sums up by saying, "Go with the Ford service information, not what some industry experts are purporting on."

He also had a few cautions about rivets. In regard to rivet installation location, he states, "The rivets must be installed in the order and locations Ford specified." He also touches on the use of aftermarket rivets, stating, "There’s clone rivets that people say can be used, but the 'only safe rivets' are the authorized Ford/Henrob rivets." He wrapped it up in one sentence by stating, "Ford’s 'rule of thumb' would be to install the rivets the OEM dictates in the positions it specifies."

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