I-CAR MIG/MAG Welder Operation And Tuning Courses

Sometimes understanding welding machine settings and functions can be difficult, especially if it is a new machine. The courses for GMA welder operation and tuning cover the following topics:

  • Welder settings
  • Functions
  • Adjustments
  • Advanced tuning techniques

Synergic welding is another big topic covered in these courses. Synergic welding refers to the voltage, wire speed, and amperage being controlled with the use of a single dial or button. This is to decrease human error by allowing these three components to be adjusted proportionately.

The courses detail the use of specific welder settings, as well as how to program the welder for aluminum, steel, and MIG brazing. Fine tuning of the machine for each of these materials being welded is also found in the courses. You will also find overviews of each machine that covers machine navigation, welder settings, and advanced features of the welders.

The courses also cover information about using a 3 torch machine for steel, MIG brazing, and aluminum electrode wire, along with the different 2T, 3T, and 4T trigger options and how to change each of the various settings for each trigger option.

Understanding different welders and learning about the advanced settings and features can be difficult. The welder operation courses can take you from pulling the trigger and hoping the settings are correct, to having the settings fine-tuned to your welding techniques and materials. Knowing how your welder works, and how to set it up for a specific repair, helps ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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