Glue Pull Repair (GPR)

Glue pull repair (GPR), don’t you mean paintless dent removal (PDR)? PDR is the art of removing panel dents by either pushing or pulling the metal without damaging the finish. GPR finds its origins in PDR and it has been adopted as a more conventional panel straightening technique.

One of the greatest advantages of GPR, when compared to weld-on stud-pulling techniques, is GPR does not require coatings, such as paint and E-coat, to be removed. Additionally, GPR does not damage the backside of the repair area, so corrosion treatments are not disturbed. Although GPR is typically successful on most panel dents, some small dents, such as those that are less than a quarter in size or adjacent to two body lines, are difficult to achieve a successful pull.

GPR will typically require the use of pull tabs of different shapes and sizes, depending on the dent to be pulled. Additional tools that may be needed are:

  • lifting tools - pulling beams and bars, slidehammers, mini-lifters, and portable pulling towers.
  • knockdown tools - a variety of special hammers and taps which are used to tap down the high spots while pulling. These tools may also include special holders that ensure that the knockdown tool maintains a 90-degree angle to the area being worked.

Regardless of the GPR system being used, it is important to develop a repair plan. This will help ensure the steps needed to create a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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