Repairer Driven News: Mazda MX-30 Electric Vehicle

Mazda recently unveiled the MX-30 electric vehicle. It is important to note that this is a European-specific vehicle. However, with OEMs often using global platforms, it is likely that many of the features highlighted may end up on the USA models.

The most noticeable feature is the lack of a B-pillar between the “suicide” doors. Despite the lack of the structural pillar, Mazda states that it has been engineered to deliver “body strength and energy-absorbing efficiency on par with cars that have center pillars.” This unique configuration will make accessing and following OEM repair information even more crucial.

There is extensive use of 1,310 MPa high-strength steel throughout the vehicle, and a rigid frame structure around the battery pack to help out in case of a collision. It has been confirmed that there are no aluminum or other advanced materials used for weight saving.

In addition to the i-ACTIVSENSE ADAS suite, the MX-30 also has Smart Brake Support (SBS) with the potential to autobrake while turning left to avoid being T-boned.

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