Common Mistakes: Emissivity

What is emissivity and why is it important during the repair process? Emissivity is the measure of an objects ability to emit infrared energy. This is important when it comes to monitoring panel temperature with certain tools.

One tool in particular is a non-contact thermometer. A non-contact thermometer relies on infrared heat for an accurate reading. It is very important to have an accurate temperature reading when repairing panels. Especially when trying to stay within the OEM’s use of heat guidelines.

However, a non-contact thermometer may not be the best choice to use for certain situations. Some of these situations include shiny surfaces, reflective parts, or bare aluminum and steel. These substrates have low emissivity levels, meaning the non-contact thermometer may not be able to read the actual temperature of the panel. In these cases, temperature crayons, heat sticks, thermal paints, or temperature-indicating labels can be used.

Always follow OEM use of heat guidelines before beginning any repair. Also keep in mind what temperature monitoring tools should be used for the repair.

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