Infrared Light Curing

Repair facilities are constantly looking for ways to become more efficient. One of the ways that may increase efficiency is infrared (IR) lights.

Using infrared (IR) light to speed up the curing process can greatly reduce cycle time. Cure times on primer can be cut, and clear coats can be sanded and buffed immediately after proper IR curing.

IR light curing is used on conventional refinishing materials and can be used on undercoats and topcoats. IR light speeds the curing process by penetrating into and through the finish material from the substrate out. Because the curing process goes beyond the surface, it is more thoroughly cured. This means less shrinkage and repair mapping.

Care needs to be taken when using IR for curing, as incorrect distance or too long of cure time can affect how the product cures. Applying too much or too little heat can have an adverse effect on the finish material curing process.

IR lights can be utilized in other areas of the shop as well. A small, hand held light can be used for plastic repair, removing emblems, and removing decals. Infrared removal of badging may be less damaging to clearcoat, as scrapers are often not needed.

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