I-CAR Launches New Online Shop Locator

Collision repair shop locator websites are nothing new, there are more than a few to choose from, but now there is a new player in town and who it is and what is does is what sets it apart from the rest.

I-CAR has released their shop locator, BodyShopology.com. This site is unique in that it is an industry-neutral shop locator. This means that they are not influenced or compensated for their listings. They are just a great resource for motorists to find trained and credentialed collision repair shops, close to home, by simply entering their zip code.

The shop locator is easy to navigate; a simple ZIP Code input triggers a network of more than 8,100 trained and credentialed shops, filtered for close proximity to the user’s home. The previous I-CAR Gold Class locator moved to BodyShopology, and all Gold Class shops are automatically added to BodyShopology.com when Gold Class is achieved.

Stacey Wesselink, I-CAR, Director - Marketing and BodyShopology spokesperson stated, “Not all body shops are created equal, the reality is, approximately 65 percent of the nation’s body shops – or 2 out of 3 shops – are not training. That’s why we’re creating a new consumer conversation that also considers a shop’s training or credentials as additional factors in selecting a body shop, contributing to complete, safe and quality repairs.”

“We’re in a new era of vehicle technology and complexity and the ramifications for a complete, safe and quality repair cannot be overstated,” added Wesselink. “It’s more important than ever before for repair shops to have the up-to-date, relevant training to repair a consumer’s specific vehicle. BodyShopology.com takes the guesswork out of finding a collision repair shop that has a commitment to training.”

Wesselink said in addition to the locator, the Bodyshopology.com website offers fresh, relevant content, including tips and helpful questions to ask a trained body shop about the repair process. You can also download a free BodyShopology information card to keep in your wallet or car glove box.

To read the full press release go to I-CAR Press Room: 2019