Bumper Cover Repair With ADAS: Honda/Acura

A simple bumper repair on a modern vehicle may not be as simple as it seems. New technologies like blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and other advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) utilize sensors behind the bumper covers. The ability for these sensors to be able to see clearly normally requires special caution when considering a bumper repair. Many OEMs have different levels of warnings when it comes to repairing bumper covers with ADAS. So, what does Honda/Acura say on the subject?

Information on bumper repair for vehicles equipped with blind spot monitoring can be found in Driving Support & Restraints ➤ Sight Support ➤ Repair Procedures, Test ➤ BSI Radar Unit Aiming Inspection. In regard to bumper repair where a blind spot radar sensor is present, Honda/Acura states: “Do not make any bumper repairs in the areas over or near the two radar units on vehicles equipped with the Blind Spot Information (BSI) System. The composition of the repair materials, and/or increased material thickness in the repaired area, may interfere with BSI radar unit operation.” Also, according to our contact at Honda/Acura “paint film thickness should be limited to a maximum of 300 microns (200 is preferred)."

Many recent Honda/Acura vehicles, which use a front millimeter wave radar sensor, have them located behind a grille or cover that is not the bumper. However, repair should still not be made. Per the 2019 Honda Accord repair manual, “If the radar cover is damaged or cracked, replace the cover and inspect the millimeter wave radar assembly and subassembly for any damages before proceeding.”

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