Repairer Driven News: Porsche Explains Ban On Wheel Repairs

Repairer Driven News (RDN) published an article on why technicians at Porsche have told the repair industry that technicians are to never repair Porsche wheels. A collision repair technology instructor for Porsche named Mike Kukavica elaborated on why this rule was put in place.

The big issue with repairing Porsche’s wheels, is that they are made thinner to help with performance, so removing another millimeter off the rim could make the structure too weak. Porsche does allow for touch up of minor paint flaws, but with strict guidelines. The article states, "Porsche believes that paint damage is repairable on its wheels, and it demonstrates this by providing wheel paint codes, according to Kukavica. But if the scratch goes “down to the metal” and exposes the alloy, it’s not repairable, he said."

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