Repairer Driven News: Are More Electric Vehicles On The Horizon?

It seems everyday concerns about fuel economy and the environment take a grasp on the collision industry. Differing construction materials, fastening methods, and vehicle technology will force many repairers to adapt to new repair methods. According to an article by Repairer Driven News (RDN), the strongest force in vehicles may be electric vehicles.

Although they have been somewhat slow to claim their share of the market, Volkswagen’s CEO Scott Keogh thinks the countries vehicle fleet is at a tipping point. Keogh says "I’m a firm believer, and the reason it’s going to happen is because they’re going to feel they’re driving the future, driving what’s next—and that is a universal truth of consumer goods."

Anyone with any experience with electric vehicles knows that there are some major differences in how the collision repair process unfolds. Due to the high-voltage of an electric vehicle, special precautions are a must when making repairs. More examples of how electric vehicles may affect the industry can be found by viewing the full article on Repairer Driven News: Green Car Reports: VW CEO Says U.S. Electric Car Boom Near.

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