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Welding on a Hybrid Vehicle

Welding on a Hybrid Vehicle

When you're working on a hybrid vehicle, what precautions should be taken before welding?

When welding on a hybrid-electric (HEV) or pure-electric (EV) vehicle, follow the same precautions with the 12-volt system as when welding on a conventional vehicle. In addition, there are precautions to take with the high voltage battery. As a best practice, disconnect both the 12-volt battery and the high-voltage battery service disconnect. (Note: Always disable the high-voltage battery following the vehicle makers repair information and follow all safety precautions.)

Keep in mind that there is typically more than one method available for disabling the high voltage system. The preferred disabling method for repair technicians would be to remove the hybrid battery service disconnect. Also, one way of ensuring safety is to keep any removed fuses, relays, or service plugs in your pocket to prevent others from reinstalling them without your knowledge.

A tool that may be used to find out if the vehicle maker has procedures for hybrid vehicles is the I-CAR developed OEM Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Disable Search.