Weld-Through Primer Guidelines: Honda/Acura

Weld-Through Primer Guidelines: Honda/Acura

Weld-through primers are generally a zinc-based product that is applied to the mating surfaces prior to welding. Corroding zinc forms zinc oxide, which protects the steel. This is called sacrificial corrosion. For a quality weld to be made it’s required that the weld-through primer be removed from the direct weld zone before welding the joint, when MIG welding. Many OEMs have a position on when and how to use weld-through primer or when it shouldn’t be utilized. Let’s see what Honda/Acura recommends and where this information can be found.

Honda/Acura has two publications in their Body Repair News titled Honda Body Repair Manual & Sectioning Guideline Revisions (Revised August 2016) and Acura Body Repair Manual & Sectioning Guideline Revisions (Revised September 2016). The guidelines for both recommend the use of weld-through primer for certain applications and advises against it for others. Per the Honda Body Repair Manual Welding & Sectioning Guideline Revisions:

  • “When doing squeeze-type resistance spot welding (STRSW), apply a zinc-rich weld-through primer, or spot sealer, to bare steel areas being welded and wipe off any excess. Use approved respiratory protection when working around these primers.
  • Weld-through primer should not be used when doing MAG plug, MAG butt, or MIG brazing. Further study has shown that weld-through primers can negatively affect weld or joint quality.
  • When doing MAG plug and butt welding, or MIG brazing, remove only enough of the factory e-coat to allow bare metal in the weld or joint area. Then, apply corrosion-inhibiting primer over the completed weld or joint.”

Use the vehicle-specific body repair manuals to determine which type of welding is required for the repair you are performing. Failure to follow OEM procedures will sacrifice the safety and quality of the repair.

Click Step-by-Step Accessing Honda and Acura Repair Information for written instructions and a tutorial video on how to access vehicle-specific Honda/Acura body repair manuals on their website.

For additional links to Honda/Acura information, check out the Honda OEM page and Acura OEM page.

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