Straightening And Heat: Toyota, Lexus, Scion

Straightening And Heat: Toyota, Lexus, Scion

A question often asked of the Repairability Techincal Supports (RTS) team is, does Toyota allow the use heat to straighten? There are several Collision Repair Information Bulletins (CRIBs) from Toyota, Lexus, and Scion that states their position on the use of heat when straightening.

CRIB #176 - Approved Collision Repair Methods: under the approved repair methods that "cold straightening: pushing-pulling hammering" is acceptable. Listed under the methods not approved is "stress relief: heating HSS and UHSS."

CRIB #161 - Collision Damage Repair Precautions: “Heat Repair For Body And Frame Components Is Prohibited” and “High Strength & Ultra High Strength Steel (HSS & UHSS) Occupant Cabin Reinforcement Repair Is Prohibited”.

To sum up, Toyota does not approve of the use of heat when straightening. Following what the OEM specifies is key to ensuring a safe and quality repair.

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