Subaru Position Statement: Pre- and Post- Repair System Scanning

Subaru Position Statement: Pre- and Post- Repair System Scanning

As the industry continues to ask, are pre- and post-repair scans necessary, Subaru provides their answer.

Per the July 2017 Pre- and Post- Scanning of Collision Vehicles position statement: “For Subaru vehicles from model year 2004 and forward involved in a collision, Subaru collision repair procedure recommends that pre-repair scanning be performed. Pre-scanning will reveal DTCs for items that are not functioning properly in the vehicle. It allows a shop to identify any issues early in the estimate process, allowing a more complete estimate and encompassing repair process.”

As the position statement states: “Additionally, Subaru collision repair procedure also recommends that post-repair scanning be performed on these vehicles. Post scanning is critical in ensuring the malfunctioning items have been repaired and there are no remaining DTCs. It may also assist in assuring the appropriate calibrations and reinitializations have been performed.”

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