Partial Service Part/Assembly Replacement Procedures at Factory Seams: Honda/Acura

Partial Service Part/Assembly Replacement Procedures at Factory Seams: Honda/Acura

Does Honda/Acura have procedures for replacing a partial service part or assembly at factory seams?

While Honda/Acura vehicles may not have a replacement procedure for every part of every vehicle, they provide documentation on how parts can be replaced at a factory seam. However, certain requirements need to be met before replacing parts as a partial part or disassembling a service part at factory seams.

Keep in mind that a partial part at factory seams does not create a new joint. This means that if the part that is being replaced requires a new joint to be cut into it, this part no longer is a partial part at factory seams.

Honda/Acura Body Repair News, Body Repair Manual Welding & Sectioning Guideline Revisions , explains the requirements:

“PARTIAL PANEL REPLACEMENT AT FACTORY SEAMS When you are determining whether to replace a body part as supplied, or do a partial replacement at the factory seams, follow these guidelines:

  • Replacement of body service parts as supplied at factory seams is the preferred repair method, except when it may cause unnecessary or excessive intrusion into the body structure.
  • In these cases, the service part may be disassembled at factory seams as required to replace only the damaged portion.
  • For example, if only the vehicle’s rear wheelhouse is damaged, that part may be removed from the rear inner panel service part assembly at the factory seams and installed on the vehicle.
  • Replacement procedures for rear inner panels are not provided in the body repair manuals because they are rarely installed as a complete unit.
  • All basic welding & sectioning guidelines specified in the service information must be observed during partial panel replacement.”

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