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One-Time Use Parts and Fasteners: Toyota/Lexus

One-Time Use Parts and Fasteners: Toyota/Lexus

It is often asked, can this fastener, clip, or part be reused? How can we tell if it can or cannot be reused?

One-time use hardware/parts are a specific part that cannot be reused after they have been loosened or removed. Types of one-time use hardware include certain bolts, clips, trim, etc. For example, torque-to-yield bolts are designed to stretch during the torquing process. These fasteners cannot be reused because of the excess amount of stress that was caused during installation. Some parts may have to be replaced due to the method that was used to remove them from the vehicle. Let’s see how Toyota/Lexus let's know a part is one-time use.

Toyota Crib 188 – Non-Reusable Parts states that their body repair manuals have illustrations that will aid in identifying non-reuseable parts. It specifically states that “Toyota non-reuseable parts are designed to be installed only once. If removed, they must be replaced and not reused.”

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