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Nissan Position Statement - Power Window Servicing Post-Repair

Nissan Position Statement - Power Window Servicing Post-Repair

The power windows on Nissan vehicles are now equipped Auto-Up Operation and Anti-Reverse features. Let’s take a look at Nissan’s position on when these features need to be initialized.

The June 20, 2016 position statement has a list of the various repair conditions that if occur, will result in the Auto-Up Operation and Anti-Reverse features needing to be initialized. For example, one repair condition states: “Electrical power supply to main power window and door lock/unlock switch or front power window motor is interrupted by flown fuse or disconnection and connection of the negative terminal of 12V battery, etc.”

Use the Power Window Control System (PWC) information in the service manual for additional information pertaining to the specific systems. To access Nissan service information, go to: